Susanna "Sue" (Emmitt) Reichard

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Findagrave (Shaun Creighton) Sue (Emmitt) Reichard was one of three children of James and Christiana Emmitt who are buried in the plot next to hers at Straubs Lutheran Cemetery in Danville, PA. Sue and husband Simon “Sim” Reichard only had one child, a son James “Jim” Reichard who died before his parents from a ruptured appendix when he was just 46 years age. Jim and his wife Clara had no children.

Sue was acclaimed for being very tight-fisted with money. This made her quite compatible with husband Sim who operated in the same way. Sue preceded her husband Sim in death by three years. Husband Sim willed their Frosty Valley Estate to Sue’s Emmitt nephew. The property has remained in the Emmitt family ever since.

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