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Findagrave (Shaun Creighton):A Civil War Veteran - served in the 103rd Regiment of the Pennsylvania Infantry.

Simon “Sim” Reichard was the eldest son/child of Samuel and Christiana (Taylor) Reichard. Born on the orignial Reichard Farm in Madison Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania (Fairview Drive) Simon grew up industrious, hard working and very shrewd with money. He and wife Sue Emmitt had only one son, James Emmitt Reichard “Jim” who preceded them both in death. Jim and his wife Clara died childless. Sim also outlived his wife Sue and left behind a sizable Estate. Beside his large farm in Frosty Valley, Simon owned multiple properties in Bloomsburg including his large brick “town house” on Market Street in Bloomsburg. He also held many financial investments. He made his nephew Raymond Reichard his Executor. Sim’s surviving sisters, youngest brother and numerous nieces and nephews made out well financially if they were ones Sim favored.

Many stories were passed down in the family about Uncle Sim’s shrewdness and tight- fistedness with money. One such story revolved around old Doc Montgomery of Bloomsburg. Back in that day doctors made house calls in horse and buggy. Well, Dr. Montgomery showed up unsolicited at Sim’s place. After a nice social visit, Dr. Montgomery seemed to imply payment. Sim said “I did not summon you here, therefor I am not going to pay you.” Sim was also legendary for his knack of making money easily. When most people’s cow’s gave birth to one calf, Sim’s cows would give birth to twins. These are just a couple examples of Simon Reichard stories.

Authored by his 3X Great-Nephew, Shaun L. Creighton (Descendant of his sister Ellen Reichard).

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