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Birth date is approximate based upon the following evidence.

Findagrave shows and image of the gravestone the purports to say Christian died on Sept. 12, 1849.1 This is backed up by the fact that his will was probated on Oct. 23, 1849 in Greene County, Ohio. So it seems pretty certain he died in 1849.

It is tough to read how old he was when he died as the stone is weathered. This is assumed to be 76 years of age, making his birth date 1773. His birth date is no later than 1774, as he was 26-44 per the 1800 census.

There has been some debate as to which line he fits into, as both Michael (b. 1746) and Henry (b. 1736) had sons named Christian. Henry’s daughter Mary married Daniel Siegfried. A Christian Hagenbuch is known to have married Daniel’s sister, Susannah. This Susannah died in 1799 and Christian is listed as the estate administrator for her.

This Christian then appears to have remarried, this time to Susannah’s sister, Elizabeth. This is supported by an 1808 record for her father, John Siegfried’s estate.

The Christian Hagenbuch in this record was married to an Elizabeth at time of death and is buried with her.2

Finally, this Christian is buried near Kneisleys and his father Henry Hagenbuch’s estate proceedings mention that one of his daughters, Anna, was married to a “George Nisely.” This shows a connection between the Henry Hagenbuch line and the Kneisley line too.

Census Findings

  • 1800: Christian Hagenbuch, Whitehall Township, Northampton County, PA (Lehigh wasn’t formed yet): 1 male 10-15; 1 male 26-44, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 16-25
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